We offer luxury home remodeling & renovation services 

From low-cost updates to luxury makeovers, discover a plan that  fits your particular remodeling needs today!


Home Renovation and Remodeling Services

Whether you want to add value to your property or boost the appearance of your home, our expert renovation and remodeling services can help. From low-cost updates to luxury makeovers, discover a plan that fits your particular needs today.

Cosmo Construction & Design offers professional, dependable, high-quality home remodeling at affordable prices! Contact Us for a Free Remodeling Consultation.

Leading and Building Projects
with the best people and ideas

Bathroom Remodeling:

A bathroom should be a calming oasis — and we can help you build one. We’ll manage the renovation process from start to finish, remodeling your existing bathroom to give you the space you deserve.

Kitchen Remodeling

We’ll cook up a storm with our kitchen remodeling services! Whatever your budget, we can design a stylish kitchen that works for you and your family, whatever the size of your house.

Basement Remodeling

Could you be making better use of your basement? With our home remodeling and home builder services, you can optimize every inch of your property.

Luxury Home Remodeling

Are you ready to create the home of your dreams? We can turn your dream home into reality — however expensive your taste is. From one room to a whole floor, find out how our luxury home remodeling works today.

Roofing and Siding

The look of your roof can transform your property. Whether you want to add extra curb appeal or reinforce your home’s structure, our roofing and siding services can help.


Our Business services are built on promise-based contract management to deliver projects on time with excellent quality work within the Project budget.

Our Business services are built on an understanding and ownership of each unique project. Whatever your mission, we will work closely with you on the agreed contract to apply the right ability and technical support to exceed your expectations and bring your project to life.
Our genuine commitment for performing and completing your project includes reliable resources, the latest technology, Innovation, professional team, and passion for excellent work!

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